1. Each presenter will be given 15 minutes time slot which consist of 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.
  2. Presentation will be delivered asynchronously. Authors are requested to provide a video of recorded presentation using any platform which you are comfortable with and submit the link of recorded video to ISSAT Profile before October 5th, 2021.
    Open ISSAT website – Upload payment proof – Login – Payment – Presenter – Icon Video
  3. On the presentation day, the committee will play the recorded video according to the schedule.
  4. Q&A will be delivered synchronous (live) and each question should be answered directly. Presenter who fails to synchronously attend his/her Q&A session will be noted, and their paper(s) will be excluded from Atlantis Press Proceedings submission.
  5. In case there are any technical problems during the video making or any problems which prevent the presenter to attend his/her synchronous Q&A session, the presenter should immediately notify the committee via email.
  6. If the presenter fails to notify the committee until the end of his/her scheduled session, the presenter will be considered as absent, and hence is not entitled to an ISSAT certificate. Furthermore, the corresponding manuscripts will be excluded from Atlantis Press Proceedings submission.